One of my hobbies is to make some products more stable. These products are very useful, powerful, old, and free! Most parts are maintained by Mark Hessling on

Try the upper link first. If you got some problems with Regina, you may better try the help of SourceForge. Have a look at

This page contains various topics.

  1. My presentations at the 25th annual REXX symposium in Sindelfingen and at IBM/B÷blingen in May 2005. They are
  2. My attempt to define a Generic Call Interface for REXX. This stuff is hosted by SourceForge.
  3. Mark Hessling's style guide.
  4. My current code, snippets, stuff I want to save, etc for Regina can be found here. It may be out of date and the status must be considered as alpha in all cases and IT NEVER CONTAINS ANY OFFICIAL CODE.

    I try to keep it running, that's the only promise I give. The time may or may not out of date. You can drop me an email if you need another version of the file or just a newer one.

    A good idea is to download it and to check the last changed file.

  5. My THE macro package. Extract it and read 00README first!